Modo Abstracts

Modo Abstracts

Last year I was playing around with Modo and trying to create some abstract works without actually modelling anything.   I sat down at the comupter each time specifically without an idea of what I was going to create.  

Here are some of the results:

Branches - This is a particle system that generates curves, using flocking to control their movement.   I then converted the curves into a mesh and grew a set of spheres on the surface with size falloffs.   The spheres are using a subsurface scattering shader to glow the outermost spheres that catch most light.

Jellyfish - This is a set of volumes with a various noise shaders to carve out holes in the volumes.   It is also using volumetric lighting to cast light shafts through the scene.

Coy - This is again a simple particle simulation converted to curves.

Egg - Here is a sphere with 2 levels of the vein shader.   The large vein shader creates a mask for a hair material.   Also hair used for the grass.

Pillar - Sphere of curves with procedural noise creating a displacement map to create 'Flowers'.   Also, used procedural colouring of flowers.

Torus Fire - Particle simulation from a torus.   Turbulence used to animate the movement of the particles.

Cube Cloth - Cloth simulation to create shape, distributed with random cubes.

Cloth Sim