James L Watt
James L Watt
James L Watt

James L Watt

I have been working as a 3D artist for 12 years and as an VFX artist in the games industry for the last 7 years. I have a good generalist background but have also specialised in VFX and technical art.

  • Have had the responsibility for designing and creating all of the effects for an entire title.
  • Created particle effects using both proprietary and off-the-shelf effects tools for mainly First Person titles and racing games.
  • Involved with the design, development and implementation of effects tools and runtime systems for particle effects.  
  • Setup in-game logic for cinematic sequences using node-based and timeline-based editors.
  • Worked with rigid-body dynamics and cloth simulation, both in-game and using baked animations.


At the moment, I'm working at Creative Assembly on Halowars 2.

Previously, I work at The Chinese Room and completed all of the effects on Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.   This was a challenging and creative project and I loved working on the ethereal effects, bringing the characters and world to life.

I worked for Rebellion Studios, as an Effects Artist for about 9 months, mainly working on slow-motion effects sequences for Sniper Elite 3.

In 2012 I was travelling around India, Nepal and China, shooting photos and seeing some amazing places.

Before the trip, I spent 4 years working as an effects artist at Codemasters.  I worked on creating game VFX, as well as decals, lighting, lens flares, grading and writing code.

Previous to starting in games, I was in Australia, where I worked at  Urban Circus in Brisbane, modelling and creating maxscript tools to create massive urban design scenes, based on real-world cities, for a realtime engine.

Before this, I worked in Aberdeen in Scotland, at Atlas Interactive as a 3D generalist for about 4 years, creating both 3D renderings for DVD presentations and low poly scenes for real-time interactive web-deployed animations for the oil industry.  

I'm also a keen photographer and love to travel.

If you are looking for more details about what I've done, please have a look at my CV :