James L Watt
James L Watt
James L Watt


Here are the games I've worked on as a visual effects artist, over my 7 years in the games industry.

  • Have had the responsibility for designing and creating all of the effects for an entire title.
  • Created particle effects using both proprietary and off-the-shelf effects tools for mainly First Person titles and racing games.
  • Involved with the design, development and implementation of effects tools and runtime systems for particle effects.  
  • Setup in-game logic for cinematic sequences using node-based and timeline-based editors.
  • Worked with rigid-body dynamics and cloth simulation, both in-game and using baked animations.


The last game I worked on was the The Chinese Room game, Everybody's gone to the Rapture.   I was the Sole VFX artist on the project with responsibilities for all particle effects work, rigid body simulations the creation of most cutscenes and animation in this game.  

My main focus over the course of development was the design, development and creation of the light effects and ambiences in the game.   I also created all of the character visualisations for the different scenes.   Other work included physics, lens flares and cloth setups as well as setting up all of the water in the game.

A more detailed breakdown of the effects in rapture can be found on my blog.


Sniper Elite 3

I worked at Rebellion for 9 months on Sniper Elite 3.   I was mainly focused on slow motion effects.   I initially worked on the development of the particle system for creating slow motion effects, then went on to focus on :

  • Killcam sequences
  • Slow motion blood
  • Maya pre-baked rigid body skull simulations
  • Slow-motion engine explosion sequences
  • Smoke plumes
  • Building Destruction Sequences
  • Photoshop plug-ins for building spritesheets


On Bodycount I was given the position of acting lead VFX artist and took on the responsibility of finishing all of the vfx work in the last 3 months of the project.

  • Did final pass on all effects on Bodycount and managed the completion of all vfx work when lead vfx artist left.
  • Created all muzzle flash, impact effects, atmospheric and environment effects as well as a few set-piece effects for levels.
  • Worked with main VFX programmer in the design and implementation of VFX run-time systems, pipeline and tools for Bodycount.
  • Coordinated and managed small team in an external office to complete work to a tight schedule.
  • Also worked on both the artwork and the system design for decals, lens flares, grading and lighting.

Dirt 2

On Dirt2 I was tasked with making the environment effects for the game. 

I worked on:

  • All of the environment and atmospheric effects
  • Many different fireworks (stage completion and ambient)
  • Exhaust Flames
  • All ambient particles, bugs, pollen, dust, mist & birds
  • Particle lighting - balancing particle lighting on all levels in the game

OFP2:Dragon Rising

I worked on OFP2 for a while, mainly focused on the blood effects and explosions. 

I made:

  • Blood effects
  • All human damage (any character damage)
  • Some of the explosions
  • Maxscripts for batch editing effects & automating tasks


On GRID I worked initially on developing the particle effects tool and introducing new settings to expand the functionality of the tool. 

I worked on:

  • Developing and debugging the particle editor
  • Kickup effects from wheels (dust, smoke, grass, dirt, etc.)
  • Crash impact effects
  • Engine and car damage effects